Lunch Bag

Youshi thermal insulated lunch bag

Insulated lunch bag with unique colorful designs, very light and stylish.Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the use of new technologies in the production of lunch sack, it will protect your lunch or snacks from dust, dirt, and water. 
-The cute lunch bag is a very convenient and fashionable accessory (suitable for daily use). 
-Quality, durable, materials are used in the making this foldable lunch bag -Ergonomic magnetic handle with a reliable rivet system for safe food storage in kids insulated lunch bag. 
-A new advanced technology of an additional thermal barrier is used in the cool lunch bag so that your products are as fresh as when you put them in your lunch bag. 
-Kids lunch bag is eco-friendly, does not contain harmful chemical substances, and is non-toxic. It does not cause irritation, food poisoning, or allergies. 
-Reusable lunch sack is easy to clean with warm water and a damp sponge. It quickly dries at room temperature. 
-The lunch bag is completely sealed, waterproof, and reusable. Nowadays you can find plenty of food choices to take to work or for a walk. What about taking Thermo lunch bag YuMe “Keep Calm it's Lunch Time” with? Yes, it is not the container, it is a packet. And do not be fooled by its appearance: it is not a paper. Moreover, the inner layer has thermal insulating properties, so it retain food warm (or cooled) for a few hours.