What is YuMe

The story of YuMe

The YuMe story is just as colourful and remarkable as the products!

The story begins in Kazakstan in the summer of 2014.

Two talented and hardworking entrepreneurial designers, Vlad and Valentina, combine their creative genius to design an innovative and city chic lunch bag.

Their vision is simple -- to create a practical product that will delight the senses and inspire people of all ages to be healthy and resourceful in their eating and to feel good!

Vlad, originally from Korea, and Valentina of Kazakhstan, are drawn to the magical properties of traditional Japanese paper and the beauty of origami art. The two young designers set out to capture these artistic qualities in the YuMe lunchbag in a way that will fascinate Eastern Europe consumers.

They succeed. The first product design is launched into the CIS market in <<month>> 2014 and it is not long before YuMe lunchbags attract steady sales.

A good friend from the corporate world, Jon, sees great potential to bring YuMe to the Western World. Originally from Pakistan and a former CEO, Jon is now in New Zealand studying for a PhD at the University of Auckland but with a restless entrepreneurial spirit.

One chilly Saturday morning in 2016, Jon forms a business relationship with Mike, a kiwi and like-minded family man, with strong marketing and web experience. As they watch their sons playing soccer, Jon and Mike hatch an exciting plan to bring YuMe to New Zealand. In 2017 they launch YuMe Ltd, trading as YuMe Company as a co-operative venture with Jon, Mike, Valentina and Vlad.

As you can see, YuMe Company is truly international! It is founded by entrepreneurs from all four corners of the globe united in their passion for design, creativity, health and wellbeing . We came together from different parts of the globe and we now do business in different parts of the globe also!

YuMe products are designed to express your individuality and lifestyle. We whole heartedly desire YuMe products to be a positive catalyst for a happier and healthier you. We appreciate that people have many different tastes in food, art and fashion. We celebrate these differences - this is the culture, style and imagination that goes into our products for you.

Our thoughtful designers love crafting original and beautiful illustrations, and work with emerging artists and illustrators from around the globe to bring you fun and fashionable products! The YuMe Company believes that there is something for everyone in store!

We are a happy, bright, hardworking and constructive team at YuMe Company based in beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand, with design and production managed so efficiently in the amazing Kazakhstan.


Our projects are as colourful, bold and diverse as life itself!